If you get an error message "The image on this device does not contain a proper End User License Agreement", that may indicate that the unlocker application is unable to communicate with the LOCKED volume. Typically when this happens, you are unable to launch the unlocker application by running start.exe. You will get this error message when you run access.exe in the ACCESS folder on the application volume of the drive.

This problem occurs if you map a network drive to the first available drive letter following the drive letters for the local volumes and CD/DVD drives. When you install a new device or volume, a software called Mount Manager tries to assign drive letters to the new volumes. But since the software does not recognize mapped drive letters, it assigns the next available local drive letter to the new device. This causes a collision with the existing mapped network drive.

Since the problem is related to your Microsoft operating system, they are your best source for resolving this issue. For more information, click here.

You will want to map the Application Volume and the LOCKED volume using consecutive drive letters. For example, if you assign the Application Volume the drive letter G:\, you will want to assign the LOCKED volume the drive letter H:\