Are the H100/H200 Hard Drives portable from one PC to another with different Operating Systems?

The H100 and H200 are portable from one PC to another. They can be managed by executing ACCESS Software directly from the CD-ROM partition without having to install the software on the host PC.

If the device is already configured, you can unlock the device in zero-footprint mode or execute the unlock utility from the read-only partition without having to install the unlock utility on the host PC.

This portability is available across supported Windows operating systems and on Mac Intel-based systems.

For the Biometric models, you can set them up to unlock with a fingerprint or username, and not run the software to unlock them. Instead, you can use your fingerprint to unlock them as soon as they have been connected to a computer system that supports USB External Hard Drive storage, thus being able to unlock the drive on computers using non-supported operating systems.