Do I need to keep the Management Code secret?

The Management Code for the H100 and H200 does not give access to any private data or use of key material, however its main purpose is to allow device recycling and updating of the read-only partition. Keeping the management code confidential prevents employees from recycling the device themselves and re-configuring it for their own purposes.

The default Management Code is RECYCLE (this is case sensitive). If the default Management Code is changed, you must use the correct Management Code to perform device recycle or device software/firmware updates (RECYCLE can no longer be used).

Please note: once changed, the default Management Code is no longer functional. Keep track of any custom values input to a device.  

We are unable to assist with unknown device Management Code and/or administrator password.

Note 2: The Defender F50 does not have or use a Management Code.  Erasing the F50 Pivot drive has the effect of resetting the unit to factory conditions.