The DataLocker Configurator is a tool that allows an administrator to rapidly configure and deploy DL3 units for an organization. Create and save security policies and protocols, and rapidly set-up your users’ individual DL3 devices. The administrator can configure a set of device options that can be saved as a security policy, which can be loaded onto DL3 devices. This allows the admin to rapidly deploy a large number of devices without having to manually set up each device.

Please note that because the DL3 is platform independent, a physical USB is required to push a saved policy.

You will need to download the correct configurator depending on the firmware of your DL3. You can get your current firmware by authenticating to your device and connecting. The firmware should be shown on the LCD display towards the bottom. 

For Firmware V3.x Download DataLocker DL3 Configurator 1.34.1

For Firmware V2.x Download DataLocker DL3 Configurator 1.33.3

For Firmware V1.x Download DataLocker DL3 Configurator 1.33.1