For DL3 users:

The process of changing the administrator password is identical to the setup process. It is highly recommended that you set a new administrator password using alphanumeric characters.

  1. If the drive is currently connected, press the [DISCONNECT] button and then press the [CONNECT] button on the next screen. Otherwise, connect the DL3 drive to your computer.
  2. Once at the keypad screen, enter the admin password. If the password has not been changed, enter the default password 000000 and press the [↵] symbol.
  3. Press the [SETUP] button on the touch screen. If the [SETUP] button is not selected within 3 seconds, the DataLocker DL3 will automatically connect to the host computer.
  4. At the setup menu, press the [Change Password] button.
  5. Press the [CONTINUE] button and then enter in the current password, which is 000000. Please follow the onscreen instructions to set your new password. It is recommended that you use a combination of both alpha and numeric characters for your password.
  6. After the new password has been set you may set other options or save and go back to the CONNECT menu by pressing the [↵] button located at the top left corner next to SETUP. Then press the [CONNECT] button to start using the DL3 drive.

WARNING: A lost or forgotten password cannot be reset or recovered without losing all the stored data. If you disable the Self Destruct function, you risk being permanently locked out of your device without the option of resetting the DL3 back to its factory state.

For Enterprise users:
You will need to download the Enterprise Admin Password Utility in order to be able to set an administrator password.

Having an administrator password set on the device ensures access to the drive in the event that the user forgets his or her password.

It is highly recommended that you set an admin password to your DataLocker Drives. Keep this password safe and do not give out the admin password to your users.

Connect the Enterprise drive to an MS Windows-based PC and download the Enterprise Admin Password Utility from the support section. Once downloaded, extract all files to a new directory. Run the utility within the newly-created directory.

  1. Upon opening up the program, the Enterprise drive will automatically be detected. Click this button at any time to redetect the Enterprise.
  2. If this is your first time setting up the admin password, leave this box blank. If you already have an admin password, enter it in this box.
  3. Enter the new admin password here. Do NOT enter the current user password. Doing so will prevent you from logging in as an admin until you change the current user password.
  4. Confirm the new admin password here.
  5. Clicking this button will set the new admin password to the device. Your user password will be the original password set to the device. Reset your drive for the new changes to take effect.

Administrator Password Indicator:
If a “Master” or “Administrator password is set, you can delete it by initiating the “self-destruct” mode.
This can be done by entering the incorrect password or PIN 9 times of the Enterprise drive, or 10-30 times on the DL3 (this is configurable by the user).