There are 2 primary ways to reset your DataLocker DL3/FE device. 

Please note that resetting your device will permanently erase all data from your device!

Self-Destruct Mode

The self-destruct feature is designed to defend against brute force password hacks. The DL3 performs this by zeroizing all of the device’s encryption keys once the appointed number of failed login attempts is reached. Once the encryption key is deleted, your data is no longer recoverable. 

Powering off the unit does NOT reset the unsuccessful password attempts counter. The password attempts counter will only reset after a successful password attempt. 

Use this feature with caution.

  1. The self-destruct function deters brute force password attacks. The default number of password attempts is 10 tries. Once the defined number of failed password attempts is reached, all data on the DL3 drive will be irrecoverably destroyed.
  2. The DL3 drive is designed to automatically power off after the first five tries. You will have to unplug and reconnect the DL3 drive to reattempt the connection process.
  3. If you are within the final three tries you will be alerted with a “Hack Detected” warning.

  4. After 9 unsuccessful attempts, you will see the “Self-destruct Will Begin” warning. If the next attempt fails, the self-destruct function will destroy all encryption keys on the DL3 drive. This process is instantaneous and all data will be inaccessible.

  5. The DL3 drive will emit a steady alert tone and will not stop until you unplug the USB cable from the computer. The drive will have to be reinitialized and formatted to work with your operating system again.


Zeroizing the device will wipe all data on the drive and return the device to factory settings.

Note: The SafeConsole feature must be disabled to use the Zeroize function.

To zeroize the DL3/FE:

  1. Navigate to the Setup menu.

  2. Find and press the System button to access the System menu.
  3. Press the Zeroize button.
    Note: The option is on the second page of the System menu.

  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process.
  5. The DL3 will power off and back on automatically when it has finished zeroizing. To use your DL3/FE once again, you will need to reinitialize it. See page 24 of the user manual for more information.