While we suggest adding 2-factor authentication at checkout, it is possible for us to add the RFID module to the DL3 after you have already purchased it. The price at checkout is $50, however the cost of adding this post-purchase is $99 per drive.
If you would like to have 2-factor authentication added to your existing DL3FE, please use the following steps:

  1. Contact our support team at support@datalocker.com, and allow them to generate a support ticket for an RMA number, which authorizes a return of your merchandise.

  2. Once you have received your RMA number, you may send the drive (at your cost) via a traceable method to our support department address, which will be provided by the technician. Please package the drive securely as we cannot be held liable for any damages during shipping.

  3. Upon receipt, we will open the drive and add the RFID module. The RFID will then be activated, and the RFID sticker will be applied to the outside of the DL3's case. The tamper evident seal will be replaced. 

  4. The drive will be turned on and tested to make sure the RFID notification appears, but if the drive contains data we will not be able to access the drive. If you have previously backed up and wiped the drive, we can test to make sure the drive boots and mounts. If the drive is wiped, we will update the drive firmware to the most current version as well. 

  5. Once the RFID module has been added, you will receive an invoice via email to pay for the cost of the RFID module addition. Upon receipt of payment, the drive will be shipped (at our expense, provided you are in the 48 contiguous United States) via a traceable method back to you. 

  6. Upon your receipt of the 2-factor enabled drive, you must go into the system setup and add the RFID module. A quick reference card detailing the setup process will be included with your drive.