Some users want to use their Enterprise or DL3 drive to run installed programs directly off of the drive. In order to ensure maximum compatibility, before you set up and program, it's advisable to change the drive letter to something that's not likely to be allocated by Windows. 

If this is just for a single computer (i.e., you're not trying to make it the same drive letter no matter what computer it plugs into) then you can do it using the Windows Disk Management tool.

  • Open the run command and type diskmgmt.msc to open the tool.

  • Locate your Enterprise/DL3 drive in the list of devices.

  • Right-click the drive and select Change drive letters and paths...

  • Click the Change... button.

  • Choose a new letter from the drop-down list and press OK.

  • Press OK through any warnings it gives about programs not working if you change the letter.

Then simply install the program as normal, using the assigned drive letter as the installation point.

We suggest making it a drive further down the alphabet, such as P: or O: – this will ensure that the likelihood of Windows assigning this drive letter is very low, as it will go down the alphabet. However Z:\ would potentially be reserved by DataLocker SafeCrypt, which starts at the end of the alphabet and works its way backwards.