Administrators may wish to set up their DL3 or DL3 FE with a user password so that the user can access and save data to the drive, but not change the administrative settings on the device. This feature also allows an administrator to reset the user's password in the event they forget it.

Important Note:

  • DL3/DL3 FE firmware versions 1.x and earlier have a default password of six zeroes (000000)
  • DL3/DL3 FE firmware versions 2.x and greater will have a default password of seven zeroes (0000000)

To enable a user password: 

Note: You must change the default administrator password before creating a user password.

  1. Log into the device using the administrator password.
  2. Press the Setup button within 3 seconds on the Connect screen to access the Setup Menu.
  3. At the Setup Menu, press the User Password button.
  4. Press the Create button. A user with the default password of seven zeroes (0000000) is now created. For devices on a firmware version of 1.x or lower, the default password will be six zeroes (000000).
  5. The user should then login with the default user password of 0000000 and change it to a personal password. The user password change process is identical to changing the administrator’s password.

If you require more functionality in being able to manage your DL3 or DL3 FE, such as remote password reset or full device audit logs, you may want to look into our SafeConsole Management Platform. To request a trial please click HERE.