The DataLocker DL3 and DL3 FE can be used on macOS computers when used in an unmanaged mode. By Default, the drives come preformatted with the NTFS filesystem which only allows for Read-Only on Mac computers. 

To format the DataLocker drive on OSX open up Disk Utility and select a different file system such as exFAT. ExFAT will allow Read Write on Both Mac and Windows Computers. 

This process will erase any data currently on the device, please backup any data on the DL3 and remove all other external drives from the system before continuing. 

Open Disk Utility

Select the DL3/FE then select Erase

Select the Format you wish to choose for the DL3/FE (Reminder: It is suggested that you select ExFAT if you will use the DL3/FE on a Windows and Mac machine). 

The name can be set to "DataLocker" or any other descriptive name to identify the drive when connected to the computer.