You can set up the optional 2-factor RFID authentication available on the DL1000V32F and the DL500V32F by following the below instructions :

**RFID is available ONLY on DL3FE models provisioned with an RFID chip as of January 1st, 2017**


The DL3/FE device can be paired with up to five RFID tags. RFID models of the DL3/FE device come with two RFID tags. 

If you would like to pair your own tag, the DL3 RFID module supports ISO 14443A and ISO 15693 with a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

How to set up for RFID 2-Factor Authentication

  1. Enter the device password

  2. Navigate to the Setup Menu.  

  3. At the Setup menu, press the System button

  4. Press the button to display the System 2/2 screen

  5. At the next menu screen, press the RFID button

  6. At the setup RFID screen, press ADD RFID TAG button. 

  7. Place the supplied RFID tag near the bottom right-hand corner of the DL3/FE until you hear a “beep” tone. 

  8. After registering, the RFID tag value will be displayed.  Please make note of the RFID tag value. In the event the RFID tag is lost or damaged you can still enter the tag value manually to access the device.

*Warning: If the RFID tag is lost, and you did NOT note the RFID tag value, then there is no other way to access the data and it can not be recovered. To use the drive again, you will need to reset it through a brute-force attempt and then re-initialize the device.* 

You have now successfully registered an RFID and the RFID function is enabled. 

Please note: Next time you reconnect the DL3/FE device, you will be required to use the RFID tag to authenticate before you are able to enter the device password.