The DL3 allows the administrator to enforce strong password rules for authentication. With the Strong Password feature enabled, all passwords must meet the following requirements:
  • Password must be 8 characters long or greater. The minimum password length is adjustable from 8 to 32characters.
  • Sequential passwords such as “12345678”, “98765432”, and “ABCDEFGH” are prohibited.
  • Repeating passwords such as “11111111” and “AAAAAAAA” are prohibited.
  • The password must contain both numeric and alpha characters.

To enable this feature: 

  1. Log into your DL3 or DL3FE using the administrator password.
  2. Press the Setup button within 3 seconds on the Connect screen.
  3. Press System.
  4. Press Strong Password.
  5. Adjust the Minimum Password Length and choose Enable.