*Steps were done on Linux Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 but do work on previous builds*

*Some builds (i.e. no GUI/Server Editions) do not automatically mount the read-only partition and you will need to manually mount it prior to following the steps below*

*K350/DL4FE are not supported and must be used in "Standalone" mode to be accessed in Linux*

This guide is to show the steps need to unlock a compatible DataLocker device in Linux Ubuntu (please note every variation of Linux may not be supported or work the same way).

1. Plug the device into the USB port and note that the "Unlocker" partition has been mounted;

2. Open Terminal and type "lsblk" to find the mounted partition; (Will be able to tell with the "UNLOCKER" at the end of the location)


3. Next navigate to the media as well as the Linux sub-directory;

# note that my location is /media/penguin/Unlocker
cd /locationofdevice/UNLOCKER
# verify the linux folder is present
ls -a
# change to the linux directory
cd linux
# Verify that the readme, 32 bit unlocker, and 64 bit unlocker are present

4. Once in your Linux folder use the following command to grant yourself execute permissions of the desired application (Unlocker_64.exe will be used in this example);

# Should prompt for user password, this is not the device password
sudo chmod +x Unlocker_64.exe

5. Now that you have the correct permissions use the following command to run the Unlocker Application;


It will then ask for your device password, please enter the password and if successful you will see an "UNLOCKED" message;

You will also now see on the side of your screen that the Private Partition has been mounted and can be accessed;

6. If you click on the DataLocker icon it will open the device as seen below;

7. Once you are finished with your device using the following command in the Terminal to lock your device;

# Make sure you are in the correct directory when running this command
./Unlocker_64.exe -l or ./Unlocker_64.exe -lock

The DataLocker icon will disappear and you will also have a "Locked" message in the Terminal. It is now safe to remove the device.

*Other available commands*;