When licensing your EMS server, there is a challenge and response process that needs to be taken. This article helps you find the information that our Support team requires in order to help you license your EMS server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Licensing assistance for EMS will be discontinued on January 1, 2023. For more information, please see the IronKey EMS EOL Announcement page HERE.

-  Log into the EMS Admin Console

Please ensure that the user account that is being used for the EMS server has been granted System Admin privileges and is located in the Root folder on the EMS OnPrem server. 

(You can verify this by selecting Manage Users on the left-hand side and then changing the view to Tree-view using the icon on the right-hand). (see screenshot below)

The license request/response will not work correctly unless the user is located in the Root folder.


- Click on Enterprise Support and select Manage IronKey EMS Licenses 

- Select and copy all the text within the License Request box. (it's recommended that you use CTRL + A to select all text)
- Paste the text in a notepad txt file and email that file to support@datalocker.com
- Our Support Team will generate the License Response and email the txt file back to you. 
- Copy and paste the License Response text from the file to the box and click ENTER


- Once the License is successfully installed, you must reboot the EMS server from the command line using: sysconf reboot
- Once the server reboots, you should be able to verify the new licenses are applied by opening the same screen (Manage IronKey EMS Licenses) and reviewing the Total Purchased and Remaining Seats numbers.