The following instructions can be followed in the event that the SafeConsole admin password length needs to be changed to meet internal security policies. 

Note: This only applies to SafeConsole On-prem installs and only for SafeConsole admin accounts created inside SafeConsole. Other admin accounts, such as LDAP or SSO will follow their own configured requirements. It is also recommended to enable two-step authentication for SafeConsole admins for the best security.

These steps should be done on the SafeConsole server.  


Go to the start menu and select Safeconsole > Configure SafeConsole 

You will be asked to stop Safeconsole on your machine. 

Click through the green arrows on the bottom right hand of the Configure SafeConsole until you get to page 3 of 5

Click the Advanced

Advanced Database setting box will appear.  



NN = the minimum password length you wish to set. 

Click > Ok 

Click through the green arrows all to Page 5 of 5.  

Click the green arrow once more and you will be asked to Start Safeconsole> Yes

Wait until Safeconsole restarts and verify you can log into SafeConsole.  

Once you have confirmed your can log into SafeConsolem, It is crucial you run the Configure SafeConsole again to confirm the database changes have been made.  

launch Configure SafeConsole 

Stop the SafeConsole Service 

Run back through the Configure SafeConsole to confirm the changes to the SafeConsole Database.  No additional changes need to be made. 


Verify the SafeConsole Admin Password Length change works.   

Log back into Safeconsole and go to System Admin>Profile Settings

Attempt to change your password to a password that does not meet the NEW password requirements. 

If the Password requirements change in the SafeConsole Configurator was successful you will see this error. Note, some versions will still incorrectly show that the minimum password length is 8 characters. 

*Note the UI elements are hardcoded and may still show the original password length requirement.