Backing Up and Restoring Your SafeConsole On-Prem Server


1. Stop SafeConsole service "net stop safeconsole"

2. Locate your SafeConsole install folder. 

 - Default SafeConsole Folder: "safeconsole"

 - Default Folder Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\safeconsole

3. Save the entire install directory in your backup location.

4. Restart SafeConsole service "net start safeconsole"


1. Install a brand new instance of the SafeConsole Server. (DO NOT RUN THE CONFIGURATOR) 

2.  After the install has been complete, locate the SafeConsole folder:  C:\Program Files (x86)\safeconsole (default)

3. Copy and replace the following files from your backup to your current install: 

 - cert Folder

 - conf Folder

 - db Folder

 - keystore.p12

 - SafeConsole.ini

4. Run the SafeConsole Configurator. All of your settings will automatically populate. 

5. On the last step of the Configurator, do not generate a new certificate. Import SSL Certificate and locate the keystore.p12 within the install folder. 

6. Once imported, Start the SafeConsole service.