* This applies to SafeConsole On-Prem 5.4.0 and higher

As of SafeConsole 5.4.0 Build 27, support for offline Geolocation database is available.  This will allow the SafeConsole server to pull Geolocation data for a specific IP Address directly from a local database file.  We recommend only using this offline database if the server is in air-gapped networks.  Limited Geolocation information will be available and the accuracy of the information may vary.

Steps to implement the local GeoIP database to your SafeConsole On-Prem installation are below:

  1. Download the geolocation database: https://media.datalocker.com/downloads/safeconsole/onprem/geoip-db/SafeConsole-GeoLite2-City.zip
  2. Save the file "GeoLite2-City_########.zip" to your computer.
  3. Transfer the "GeoLite2-City_########.zip" to the SafeConsole server. (if required)
  4. Locate your SafeConsole installation folder (by default, this is located at C:\Program Files\safeconsole)
  5. Locate lib folder and create a new subfolder "geoip"
  6. Extract the zip file contents into the new folder "geoip" 
  7. Go to the SafeConsole Web Console
  8. Go to Server Settings > Geolocation
  9. Test by adding a new IP Address and you will notice Geolocation data getting retrieved from the new local database file

  10. After confirming the functionality is working correctly, you may cancel this dialog
  11. All existing IP Addresses currently in the list will need to be retrieved manually or automatically on the next event the IP Address is used