SafeConsole 5.4.0 - Released December 21, 2018


  • Added support for DataLocker PortBlocker - A desktop agent that blocks all unapproved USB Mass Storage Devices

  • Added support for DataLocker SafeCrypt Managed

  • Device actions can now be schedule to change at certain date and time [Learn More]

  • Custom policies can now be assigned to Users or Devices [Learn More]

  • Redesigned Policy Editor to filter unsupported policies for certain endpoints or devices [Learn More]

  • SMTP Server settings are now configurable through the web console [Learn More]

  • New Role Members editor for easy role management

  • Added quick access to Connection Token URL from menu

  • Added a new email template for v6.x devices in Custom Email Template

  • Simplify SSO implementation by using SAML 2.0 protocols