There are no specific means of configuring the IronKey EMS On-Prem to point to a Microsoft SQL Server named instance. 

However, there is a workaround that involves configuring Microsoft SQL Server to listen on a different port:



  1. Install MS SQL Server for a second time to create a named instance. You will be prompted for an instance name - in this example, it was named ‘TEST’. Substitute your database name for ‘TEST’ in the steps below.

  1. Restore the On-Prem database and create an admin user on this instance, as per instructions in the IronKey EMS On-Prem Setup Guide.

  1. After installation, open SQL Server Configuration Manager. 

  1. Expand Network Configuration and select Protocols for ‘TEST’.

  1. On the right-hand side enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes as usual. Then open TCP/IP.


  1. In the IP Addresses tab make the following changes:



IP Addresses to

TCP Dynamic Ports <blank> - note NOT 0

TCP Port <port> -choose a port that you want to use



IP Addresses to IP of this machine on the domain

TCP Dynamic Ports <blank>

TCP Port <port>



TCP Dynamic Ports <blank>

TCP Port <port>

  1. Go to SQL Server Services and restart the service for ‘TEST’.

  1. Now in the OnPrem CLI setup, use <port> in the application database configure step in place of the normal 1433.

e.g. - application database configure <port> admin password mssql ironkey_es

  1. Run command service start appserver.


You should now be pointed to the Microsoft SQL Server named instance.