Before updating your device please make sure to backup all data on your device. The updater attempts to retain all device data and current configuration, however, if an error were to occur during the update process there is a chance data or drive configuration can be lost. 

To begin the update process connect your device to a physical Windows based operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10). It is important to close any application running from the device, this includes any applications that are opened automatically by Windows AutoPlay.

Find and download the latest update for your device on our Device Update Page. When ready to update your device open the updater package. For H300 and H350 this updater will be labeled as UnifiedUpdater_H300_H350_BASIC/ENTERPRISE_version.exe The update process will begin automatically. It is normal for the update to take up to 30 minutes during this time. It is important that the device is not disconnected or for your computer to lose power during this time. 

Once the update process is done you will receive a popup notification indicating to disconnect your drive. At this time it is safe to close the updater application and disconnect your device. 

*Note if you are upgrading your device to v6.1.0.0 or later in order to use it on SafeConsole your device may still need to be migrated away from EMS before it the device can be registered to SafeConsole. This is true if your device was provisioned originally with 5.4.1 or earlier. To see the original provisioned software of your device you can refer to the label on the bottom of the device.