This article will guide you through the process of how to generate a server log from your EMS OnPremServer. 

Important Note:

If you are running EMS version 7.0 or higher, ensure that you enable "Debug Mode" before creating the supportinfo log file. Once you have created the log file, be sure to disable "Debug mode"

Command entered in the VM to enable debugging:

application debug enable

Command entered in the VM to disable debug:

application debug disable


Step 1: Log into the VM console for the EMS OnPrem server.

Step 2: Type in the command supportInfo and press [ENTER]

Step 3: Make note of the location where the logs were saved on the server.

Step 4: On your local Windows machine, open a command prompt with Administrator privileges and browse to where the pscp.exe is stored. (use the cd command to change directories to where the executable is stored).

Step 5: Run the following command replacing the highlighted information with the details from your environment:

(x.x.x.x is the IronKey EMS On-Prem IP address, <ES hostname> is the name of the OnPrem EMS hostname, and ### is the timestamp)

pscp.exe -scp admin@x.x.x.x:/download/iksupport_<ES hostname>_<####>.tar.gz   c:\iksupport_<ES hostname>_<###>.tar.gz

This command will prompt for the admin password for the EMS OnPrem server. (the same password used in step 1)

If you do not see a message similar to the following, verify that all commands and files names are typed correctly and that the correct admin password was used for the EMS OnPrem server.

Step 6: Browse to the specified save location on your local machine. (by default this command will save to the root of the C:\ drive)

Step 7: Send the entire tar.gz file to by either opening a new ticket or by replying to an existing ticket and attaching the file.