Use this guide to Initialize a new server database and re-register devices without having to do a complete uninstall/re-install of SafeConsole and factory reset all devices. Stored data on the devices will not be deleted. 

NOTE: DataLocker always advises you back up any data or configurations before making any changes to the console. 

Stop the SafeConsole Service: AdminCMD > net stop safeconsole

1. Back up the DB file in the SafeConsole install folder.

2. After confirming that the DB folder is backed up, delete all files in the DB folder except the SQL file.

Note: This will delete all Policies, Paths, Devices, Users. Your console login credentials will remain. 

Start the SafeConsole Service: AdminCMD > net start safeconsole

3. Log back into the SafeConsole server

4. Re-create your polices

5. Plug in your device

6. Input the device password

7. Put in the connection-token and click [Activate] > [Yes, connect!]

8. Input the required device setup information (Examples are below)

9. Log in to the device

10. Lock and Exit

11. Log in to the device again to establish trust with the server. 

12. Attempt a Password Reset to confirm