Error Code 60 received When trying to Access the EMS Console

If you encounter this error message when trying to access the EMS console, it is normally attributed to an issue with your Certificates.  Perform the following troubleshooting steps:

  • If accessing the EMS Console from a System Admin device, ensure that the device is running the latest Client software. If not, update the device software.

Note:  S1000, H300, H350 do not require software updates.


Back-up any data on your device prior to running the update package.

The update package must be run on a native Windows Based system only.


    1. Download the appropriate update package using the links listed above.

    2. Connect the device but do NOT login.

    3. Run the downloaded executable and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.


Certificate Troubleshooting:

  • Verify that you  have valid certificates from a approved CA
  • Verify that both the server.crt and issuer.crt have been uploaded to the host server prior to installing the certificates using 'application certificate install' command

  • Verify that the VM has been rebooted (sysconf reboot)

  • Verify that the server.crt contains the Certificate with their Private Key (host.key) appended to the certificate (Wildcards and Pass-phrases are not supported)

  • Verify that there are no carriage returns or spaces in the certificate (hint: Do a CTRL+A to highlight the characters while the certificate is opened in Notepad++) Perform this task on both the server.crt and issuer.crt.

  • Verify the issuer.crt begins with the root certificate and the Intermediate certificates are appended in order to complete the Certificate chain.

  • Verify that the site name listed in the CLI matches the common name (issued to) on the server.crt

  • Ensure you have requested a new license file after uploading existing or new certificates.

Note: If problems persists, generate a 'supportinfo' log file as per the instructions in the EMS Set-up guide and forward to


Server.crt must have the exact site name in the Issued To: field

Server.crt contents (Certificate then Private Key appended)

issuer.crt (Root Certificate + Intermediate Certificates in order to complete the Certificate chain)