I receive the following error when I try to activate a device in Enterprise Management Server (EMS): "Failed to Download Write Policy"

The following are the most common reasons why this error message is displayed. For further information regarding the causes below, please reference the EMS Set-up Guide or contact Datalocker Technical Support at: support@datalocker.com

1. License is not generated or applied.

2. System is not rebooted after license is applied.

3. Server time is not up to date. (Ensure that the Date and Time on the VM is set to GMT and not local time).

4. Certificates are miss-configured or have expired.

5. White spaces in activation code.

6. Wild cards/ passcode / passphrase used in certificate. If so, this feature is not supported.

7. Migration of legacy devices from one on-prem server to another. (Legacy devices cannot migrate from on-prem server to on-prem server).