New in SafeConsole 5.2 the GeoFence and Trusted Zone policies can be configured by ISPs as well as IPs and Countries. 

Clicking the textbox will bring up the previous ISPs that have connected to the server. If you would like to enter an ISP that hasn't connect to the server yet click "Add more ISPs." This will bring up a menu that let's you search for an ISP by IP address. You can then make further changes to this IP address such as it's exact location. 

In the popup you will enter an IP address that you know belongs to that ISP then click the search button. 

This will query the IP address to find the location and the ISP. 

Restricting by ISPs can be useful if your organization has it's own ISP. This helps reduce the number of IP address that you will have to use in making your WhiteList. 

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