SafeConsole 5.2+ provides support for McAfee Anti-Malware built into secure storage devices. This means your data is safe from malware no matter where you unlock your device. Any malware trying to spread to your secure storage will be neutralized. This portable Anti-Malware fills in the gap for when devices are taken offsite to a network that you don't control.

When devices unlock with an internet connection, the malware signature definition data is updated automatically. As the device is used and files transferred, the device will scan for malicious threats and remove them. When Anti-Malware is enabled, the same application that unlocks the drive will scan the drive thus there is no way for a user to unlock a device and access the files without running the Anti-Malware. 

To start protecting your drives from malicious malware simply click "Enable Anti-Malware protection" in the policy. Only devices that are assigned to users that are in the current policy will be applied. This allows you to control which devices will have the Anti-Malware license. For example, your default policy can have Anti-Malware disabled with custom policies that turn on the Anti-Malware as needed. 

Anti-Malware Policy in SafeConsole

Anti-Malware closely integrates into the Device Audit Logging of SafeConsole. 

A log is created each time anti-malware is loaded and when malware is detected. 

These new Anti-Malware events are reported to SafeConsole:

  • The engine starts definitions download
  • The engine successfully loaded definitions
  • Engine load errors
  • Malware detection event (Threat ID, file name, and path) 

For More information on logging see: Improved Audit Log Export System

Anti-Malware requires device firmware 4.8.30 or higher. For more information see our support article: Firmware Updates. Also, a separate license is required for each device. To purchase Anti-Malware licenses contact

To view your current license info, Log into SafeConsole and select License under the Help Menu.

During the initial unlock after enabling the Anti-Malware policy or registration, the client will need to download the entire Malware Definition update from McAfee to the device.  This file is typically around 200MB. After the initial download, updates are smaller with the size depending on the update. 

To make sure updates can be downloaded, please allow access in your firewall.