The images below may differ from your version but this process will still assist with updating your OnPrem SafeConsole installation. We strongly recommend that you back up your installation prior to upgrading to the latest version.

To backup your SafeConsole Installation: 

  1. Stop the SafeConsole server
  2. Zip up the entire SafeConsole folder, which by default can be located in 
    1. 5.7 or below: C:\Program Files (x86)\safeconsole
    2. 5.8 or above: C:\Program Files\safeconsole
  3. Save the password to the SSL certificate in a safe location (if custom certs are in use)

Download Process:

To upgrade your OnPrem server:

  1. Open the Start Menu 
  2. Search "SafeConsole" 
  3. Click on Check for new SafeConsole updates (example below)


  4. The Updater will find the newest update and allow you to pick a download location (example below)

  5. You will then be prompted to execute the update or wait until later (example below)

Alternative Download Process:

The same download location is used for an updated version(s) of SafeConsole. If you still have the original email from DataLocker containing this download link, you can utilize it to download the new version(s) of SafeConsole.

You can also find the download link can be found below:

Download SafeConsole (On-Premises)

Note: This process does not check whether or not you're running the up-to-date version of SafeConsole so extraneous downloads may occur.


After download, the SafeConsole Setup will run by default. If it does not, run the SafeConsole-Setup.exe to initiate the installation.

Follow the below process to complete the update:

  1. Select whether you would like the installation to use a new directory or the same directory as before. Recommendation: If you are upgrading from 5.7 or below, select a new directory -> "C:\Program Files\safeconsole" is recommended.
  2. Read and Accept the EULA
  3. (OPTIONAL) If you are running 5.7 or below, you will also have a prompt to rename your old files to .old and utilize your previous configuration for the 5.8+ installation. By default, both are checked and we recommend not changing this.
  4. Once the installation is complete, click Finish
  5. By default, the SafeConsole Configurator will run. In most situations, you will not need to change any of these settings.
  6. After the final step of the SafeConsole Configurator, you will be prompted to start SafeConsole. Click Yes

Your SafeConsole server will now be running the most up-to-date version of SafeConsole. Please contact DataLocker Support if you have any difficulties during this process.