While updating your IronKey device, you may encounter a log file similar to this:

Generating unique URL for secure update retrieval...
Downloading files from IronKey's Secure Update Servers...
Internet download failure:
Error: [SendRequest Error]
from URL:
to file:

This can be caused by incorrect network settings, a proxy server, a firewall, various web filtering software and appliances, and VPN clients. Please follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Insert and unlock the IronKey.
  2. Click Settings > Network Settings menu.
  3. Select the option that is most relevant to your situation:
  • Home users: Direct Connection or Use System Settings
  • Corporate/Government networks: Configuration Script or Manual Proxy. This might be required on your network in order to access certain types of websites, so please contact your IT Help Desk or Network Administrator for this information.


  • If you have a VPN Client open and currently connected to your corporate network, please disconnect and close the application during the update procedure.

  • Some networks may restrict this traffic, so you may need to update your device on another computer or network (at home) if your IT Help Desk is unable to give you proper access.

  • If you are a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator for your company, you may need to white list access to *.ironkey.com on your firewall or any other web filtering software/appliance.