* Applies to SafeConsole 5.x On-Prem only

To move SafeConsole On-Prem from one computer to another or to install/update a license key, you first need to deactivate it. These instructions apply to computers that are offline, not connected to the internet, or are behind strong firewalls that prevent Online Deactivation.  Uninstalling SafeConsole from your system will also deactivate the license if the activation server is reachable.

If your computer is online, you can skip steps 3 - 5.  To activate a license key, follow the simpler procedure of activating your license within the SafeConsole Admin Portal or through the Installation Wizard.

Follow these steps to perform the deactivation of your license.

1. Open up the License Activation in your SafeConsole Start menu folder

2. Click the button "Deactivate your license from this computer". 

3. You may get a warning that your computer cannot reach the activation server.

Proceed to click the button "Generate offline deactivation request file".

4. Save the deactivation request file to your desktop.  

5. To complete the deactivation process, please submit a new support ticket and attach the file to the ticket form


You may also process the deactivation request yourself at https://activate.safeconsole.com/