For S100/x200 models you can change the password on an IronKey Enterprise device with the Admin Tools from a System Admin device. Here are the steps for doing this. 

  1. Insert and unlock one of your Admin IronKey devices 
  2. Plug in the device with the unknown password (Please do not run IronKey.exe, Just close this pop-up
  3. In the Admin device's IronKey Control Panel, go to Admin Tools > Device Recovery and click on Refresh Device List
  4. You should see the device with the unknown password in the drop-down list 
  5. At the bottom of this screen, there is an option to change the password 
  6. Enter a new password for the device then click the "Change" button

Your user can now use this device to log into and make the necessary changes there.

For all other models, use the Password Reset button from the device profile page in the online Admin Console

Please note: Password Reset must have already been enabled within this device's policy for the Password Reset option to appear.  The only other recourse is to recommission the device.