Issues with EncryptDisc are generally caused by antivirus software, endpoint protection, Active Directory domain group policies, or a combination of these.

In some rare cases, a disc drive may not be compatible with EncryptDisc. Below is a list of common issues and their possible solutions.

REM8060: Unable to write to staging directory
Certain antivirus software can lock down the temporary folder that EncryptDisc accesses while encrypting and decrypting files. Please add a whitelist on your antivirus/EPO protection utility at c:\users\%username%\documents\encryptx 
REM9240: Either your operating system privileges are restricted or your CD/DVD Burner is not compatible with EncryptDisc.
This occurs when the EncryptDisc is not supported by a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive. These drives cannot write and can only read, which currently are not supported by EncryptDisc. 

Active Directory policies can also cause this error, or this can indicate that the disc was burned incorrectly, and burning a new copy of the disc might fix the issue. If this is the case, buying a new CD/DVD burner can permanently resolve the issue.

If you are part of an Active Directory Domain, contact your administrator.
REM9390: EncryptDisc can only be run on supported media.
This happens when DataLocker EncryptDisc has been copied to non-genuine CD or DVD media. Please contact whoever provided you with the disc and ask them to provide you with a genuine EncryptDisc encrypted CD or DVD.
REM9430: The disk has no remaining space, or the disk indicates that it is full.
This error will occur if your EncryptDisc has been finalized. The disc cannot have any data added to it once the burn process has been finalized. 

This can also be due to Active Directory domain settings locking out disc burning. If you are part of an Active Directory Domain, contact your administrator for more assistance.


This error means the EncryptDisc is not compatible with Windows 8 and later operating systems. Only EncryptDiscs that are provisioned with version 11.3.2 are compatible with Windows 8 and later operating systems.

You can see the provisioned version printed on the label of the EncryptDisc close to the center. 

Please note: There is no way to upgrade the provisioned version of a disc.

Error REM9340: You may not encrypt files on un-approved media.

The EncryptDisc product contains a security system that only allows using the authorized encryption engine on DataLocker encoded discs. This ensures that your discs have not been tampered with and the EncryptDisc application on the disc has been verified. 

Please note: You MUST use the built-in EncryptDisc program on the Disc to copy and open the files on the EncryptDisc, or else the files will either not be viewable or will not become encrypted when burned to the disc.