An "Error Code: 35" message might appear while attempting to check for device software updates. A "Network error (35): An Internet Connection could not be established" message might appear during other operations (such as clicking the Online Account link).

These errors can be caused by various security software or hardware on a network, including anti-virus applications, proxies, and firewalls.

Possible solutions include:

  1. Verify the Network (Proxy) Settings on the IronKey device. In IronKey Control Panel click Settings > Network Settings. Direct Connection and Use System Settings are the most common settings, but some networks (usually in a corporate environment) require the usage of an automatic configuration script or manual settings.
  2. White-list " * " in your security software or hardware. Each product follows different steps to accomplish this task, so read the security product's user guide or contact their technical support for assistance with white-listing URLs.