Is there anyway around the 260 max character length for files/filepath in OneDrive? File names become longer when they are encrypted.

Unfortunately there is no way to shorten the length of an encoded name.  Each filename is encrypted into byte form then encoded to string form.  This will add some overhead to the final output.  Our encoding method adds 33% to the final result.  We have looked into using different methods of encoding but we have found our current method to be the best for foreign language support (UTF8).  

User will have to turn off file name encryption if he or she was to retain the same path length.

This is strictly a OneDrive limitation and we are not too sure it wont be too hard for them to increase the limit on their cloud service.  Not sure why they chose such a small number since no other cloud service has this same limitation.  Perhaps it has something to do with their search/indexing system.