DataLocker products are sold through authorized resellers. You should contact the reseller directly for their return instructions.

Buying second-hand DataLocker products online, such as for example through eBay sellers, will void the warranty and product support, as also stated in the product warranty.

DataLocker does not accept any returns/refunds of hardware products (opened or unopened product packaging).

DataLocker software purchases are final for the term purchased and not refundable.

Mandatory license requirements for managed devices

Note that some DataLocker secure USB hardware products require a mandatory device management license (issued to a SafeConsole server) to be used, such as:

Sentry 5, Sentry ONE (any part number with -M at the end), and H350 Enterprise (-E at the end). These devices are NOT OPERATIONAL without a correctly licensed SafeConsole server.

Warranty Return & RMA (Return Material Authorization) 

  • DataLocker products may be under warranty and could be eligible for the conditions of the Product Warranty (

  • DataLocker products are sold through authorized resellers and you should contact the reseller directly for their return instructions if you believe the warranty is active.

  • In the exception of a return directly to DataLocker an RMA must be obtained from DataLocker for any unit being returned directly to DataLocker. Contact to start a warranty RMA request. Any unit submitted without an RMA number will be returned/refused at the sender’s expense. The return freight is paid by the customer. 

  • Advanced RMA is available for SafeConsole Professional and Enterprise customers. The RMA will go through the RMA process, but you will get the replacement device shipped before your return device is received. If your return device is not received within 30 days by DataLocker (or our reseller partners) from receiving the replacement device you will be billed for the MSRP purchase value of the replacement device.

Product terms and conditions

Product warranty

Sales Agreement and End User License Agreement (EULA)

DataLocker BV (EU) Terms and Conditions