The following article describes the process to add a Windows ISO image to either a K350 or DL4FE while being managed by SafeConsole. This article assumes the User has a Windows ISO image available.

1. A windows  machine running Win 8, 10 or 11
2. Download Rufus
3. A K350 or a DL4FE managed with SafeConsole with 'Stand-alone' logins enabled and available. Devices need to be running software version 6.6 or greater.
4. A Windows ISO image


Rufus download link:

K350 and DL4FE update webpage:


1. Configure the K350 Policy in SafeConsole to allow 'Stand-Alone' logins.
2. Connect the device in 'Stand-alone' mode to a Windows 8/10/11 machine. 
3. Launch Rufus and follow the screenshot below to select the device type, iso image etc.
4. Click on 'START' to install the ISO image.
5. Enter the password on the keypad and use 'stand-alone' mode to boot from theK350.

6. You may need to enter the machines BIOS and change the boot sequence so 'Boot from USB' is at the top of the order.

Screenshot of the Rufus configuration window