Creating a SafeCrypt Virtual Drive and Sync with Google Drive

The following details how to automatically sync your Encrypted Virtual Drive to Google Drive after creating a local SafeCrypt virtual drive.


  1. SafeCrypt installation package

  2. Google Drive installation package

  3. A SafeConsole User account

Example Process (Manual):

Initial configuration:

  1. Install SafeCrypt.

  1. Enter user's email and accept the EULA.

  1. Add SafeCrypt drives for the user. Note: SafeCrypt can handle up to three drives per seat.

  1. Enter the connection-token for your SafeConsole server.

  1. Configure the drive. 

Name: This is the name the user will see when logging into SafeCrypt

Description: This is not a mandatory field - Provides further information regarding the drive

System Storage: This is the folder for the user on the Windows File Share/NAS

Note: If a folder was not previously created on your NAS, you can create one during this step as long as your account has appropriate permissions.

SafeCrypt Drive Location: This is the letter of the drive that will mount upon login

  1. Configure SafeCrypt password.

  1. Back up the SafeCrypt drive’s security token. 

Note: Make sure this is accessible by the user so that it can be imported into the SafeCrypt application when accessing from a new location. Note: This token is only usable if the password is also known.

  1. Back up the Security Token and store it in a secure location as per the following screenshot.

How to Sync your System Storage folder with Google Drive

  1. Download and install Google Drive (Drive for Desktop) from the Google download site:

  2. Launch Google Drive from your local hidden icons in your system tray.

  3. Click on the ‘Gear icon’ in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Preferences’.

  4. Click on ‘Add Folder’ and select the local folder you want to sync with Google Drive and click ‘Save’. 

  5. Open Google Drive and find ‘Computers’ on the left-hand side panel of Google Drive. 

  6. Click on ‘My Laptop’ to access the Encrypted files that were synced to Google Drive. 

Tip: After you install ‘Google Drive’, you can right-click on any local folder you want to sync and select ‘Sync or Backup this Folder’.