K350 Basics:

What is the difference between the K350 and the K300?

-The K350 is a FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated device. 

Certificates can be found on our website at https://datalocker.com/resources/certifications/  

Additionally, here is a list of features that show up exclusively in the K350 and are not available in the K300:

- Strong password including special characters

- SilentKill traceless destruction of data/device

- Elliptic Curve Cryptography

- Ruggedized (IP67 MIL-STD-810G)

- Common Criteria EAL5+ microprocessor

- [Pending] Common Criteria cPP cert (USB Portable Storage Devices)

- Password Policy Configuration

- Remote Detonate (permanently destroy device)

How do I change the password on my K350?

- Power on and unlock the device.

- Navigate to “menu”

- Select “change password”

- Enter the new password

- Confirm the new password

*** A strong password is required by default on the K350.

Strong password requirements are: Minimum of 8 characters, one number, and one special character.

What is Boot Mode?

- Boot Mode allows a user to boot an installed operating system from the device storage.

- This can be accessed from an unmanaged K350, OR a managed K350 with standalone unlocks allowed 

- The option is given on the device before it is connected to the computer.

How do I use my K350 in boot mode?

- Unlock the device using the pinpad.

- Select Boot Mode from the list of connection options listed on the K350 display.

What is Zeroizing?

- Zeroizing the device will wipe all data on the drive and return the device to factory settings.

How do I Zeroize my K350 Device?

- Power on and unlock the device

- Use the arrow buttons on 0 and 1 to navigate to the “Menu” option

- Select "Zeroize drive"

- Select "Yes"

What is Keypad Preferences?

- Keypad preference determines the behavior of cycling through characters on a single key. The two behaviors are numbers first or letters first. 

K350 Managed Mode:

How do I enable my K350 to be able to connect to my SafeConsole Server?

- Power on and unlock device

- Use the arrow keys on the ‘0’ and ‘1’ keys to select the Menu button and press the green enter key. 

- Navigate to the SafeConsole option and press the enter key

- Choose ‘Enable’

How do I disconnect my K350 from SafeConsole?

- At this time there is no way to disable SafeConsole once it has been enabled.

How do I use my K350 in standalone mode?

- Enable standalone logins inside of the SafeConsole policies  (please see the article regarding Standalone Logins here: https://support.datalocker.com/support/solutions/articles/4000175269-use-case-standalone-logins).

- On the K350, unlock the drive with the pinpad and select Standalone from the list of connection options.

Note: This will reduce the Standalone count each time the device is unlocked and successfully connected to a machine.

How do I boot from the K350 when managed by SafeConsole?

- Enable Standalone unlocks within the applied policy.

- Unlock the device using the pinpad.

- Select Standalone from the list of connection options listed on the K350 display.

- Proceed with the boot sequence 

For more information on the K350

Sentry K350 Datasheet - https://media.datalocker.com/datasheets/flashdrives/DataLocker-SentryK350-DataSheet.pdf

Sentry 350 User Guide - https://media.datalocker.com/manuals/sentry/DataLocker_K350_Managed_User_Guide.pdf