The following devices and services will be tested when for compatibility upon public release of macOS 11, Big Sur. Once our testing has been completed, this article will be updated with all pertinent information.


1. In order to ensure device compatibility, we DO NOT recommend upgrading your MacOS version until testing has been completed.

2. Compatibility with Apple's new ARM processors is still under review and testing. Additional details can be found in this KB article: macOS device compatibility on Intel processors vs ARM processors  

Device Name
Software Version
Support Roadmap
DataLocker H300 / H350
Sentry One Standard / Managed
Sentry K300N/A
Stand-alone mode and unmanaged supported
DataLocker Sentry EMS

DataLocker Sentry 3 FIPS

4.8.49Testing planned
DataLocker SafeStick Managed
4.8.49Testing planned
IronKey  S1000
6.4Contact Kingston
IronKey  D300SM6.4Contact Kingston
Kingston DT4000G2
4.8.47Contact Kingston
Kingston DTVP30DM
4.8.47Contact Kingston
Origin SC100
4.8.47Contact Origin Storage

Software NameSoftware Version
Support Roadmap
PortBlocker1.6.1Compatible with Big Sur. Restart required.
Testing Planned