SafeConsole 5.7 Release Notes

SafeConsole 5.7.0 - Released August 18, 2020


  • Improved compatibility for SSO and AD/LDAP users
  • Customizable maximum invalid attempts before web account lockout
  • Web security improvements using JWT session security
  • API token access added for future REST API compatibility
  • New features for Device Client v6.3.2
    • Remote detonate action for IronKey S1000 and H300/350 devices
    • Added support for Anti-Malware Quarantine, isolating infected files stored on the device
    • Improved Reset status reporting in SafeConsole
    • Restricted Device Access - Mandatory ZoneBuilder Certificate
    • Additional information sent to SafeConsole for drive storage size and usage
    • Lockdown device usage to hours or days + hours combination
    • Customizable number of failed unlock attempts
    • Prevent users from formatting devices through the control panel
  • New features for PortBlocker v1.4
    • Added support for Uninstall password through SafeConsole policy


  • Bug fixes and other changes for enhanced security