* Requires SafeCrypt v1.2+

Registration to SafeConsole is required before SafeCrypt drives can be created. When registration parameters are successfully passed to the installer, SafeCrypt will automatically register after installation.  The switches used for registration are as follows: 

/S: (mandatory) Runs the SafeCrypt installation in “silent mode.” Automatically selects the default installation location.


/eula 1: (mandatory) Accept the end-user license agreement on behalf of the user


/email: (mandatory) User registration email


/drive: (mandatory) Drive name


/letter: (mandatory) Mount Drive letter, ex: “A”, “B”, “G”, …


/location: (mandatory) Location of encrypted data. Drive path MUST be an empty folder.


/user:  (optional / overrides /email when valid) Unique user registration token if required by server.

/tempPassword: (optional) Set a temporary password upon new drive creation.  If tempPassword is not set the user will be required to create a password on the initial launch of SafeCrypt.

/logPrompt: (optional) Opens the mass deployment log file after the process is finished.  Helpful when troubleshooting issues with mass deployments.


/url: (mandatory) The SafeConsole connection token url used for registration in the format of “https://mysafeconsoleserver.com/connect”.  This parameter should be at the end of all other parameters. 


Example (PowerShell):

Start-Process -FilePath "C:\Users\admin\Downloads\SafeCrypt-Setup-win64.exe" -ArgumentList "/S /eula 1 /email support@datalocker.com /drive SafeCryptDrive /letter S /location C:\Users\admin\Documents\SafeCrypt /user `"wFktzabaRuR35EWYKSQvkBm0VEGUUld5WaVFnDqFuNvack==`" /tempPassword Password1 /url `"https://myserver.safeconsolecloud.io/connect`""