Known Issue: (rare)

While copying many small files (500,000+), the Sentry ONE devices may not allow all files to be copied onto the drive. The message may read that there isn’t enough available space on the drive, as seen below.

In the above image, one can see that although the folder size to be copied to Sentry ONE device is merely 9.15 GB but an error message is shown that more space is needed while the free space is 28.5 GB.


This is caused by a limitation with the file allocation table being used when being formatted. The Sentry ONE drives are formatted by the device client during the initial setup using an allocation unit size that displays this error when copying a large number of individual files (usually 500,000+).


You can resolve this issue by manually formatting the Sentry ONE device using the native windows formatting process and selecting the "4096 bytes" file allocation unit size. 

Please keep in mind that formatting the Sentry ONE will permanently remove all data from the device!