SafeConsole 5.5.0 - Released July 19, 2019


  • Improved PortBlocker support and implement new UI changes for v1.1
    • Updated Device List options to include Read-Only mode, Full Access, or Blocked.
    • Added Read-Only mode. (NOTE: some devices such as cameras and phones will present their own file system controls and, as a result, will remain in read-write mode despite the read-only mode setting. It is recommended that these devices be blocked completely)

  • Added support for new features for Device Client v6.2:
    • New Device Client Updater Policy allows for automatic updates for later releases. (Requires client 6.2 or higher)

  • Publisher Policy: the feature is now supported
  • Password Policy: Enforce Strong Password Policy now available

  • Device State Policy (Maximum # of logins without server connection): the feature is now supported. If either criterion is exceeded the device will reflect the configured status. (NOTE: Deny or Disable status will require admin intervention to set the device back into an In-Use status)
  • UI enhancements


  • Bug fixes