Notes about upgrading the Sentry K300:

  • This upgrade is a dual-bank update. After it is completed, you will need to wait 5-10 seconds before the device will power on. This is normal and is not indicative of a defective device.
  • The existing firmware will remain on the device until the new firmware image is activated. This means that if the upgrade process fails, the drive can still be rebooted using the previous firmware version.

Upgrade Process:

  1. Enter the correct password on your Sentry K300 and press Connect on the Selection Menu screen.
  2. Plug the device into the computer.
  3. Run the updater tool SentryK300FWUpdater.exe
  4. Click OK on the popup.
  5. Check the Force Full Update box.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Click OK on the popup.
  8. Wait for the updater to complete the update. It should take about 12 seconds. Click OK on the popup when it's finished.
  9. 10-15 seconds after the update is complete, the device will power off and back on automatically. It will ask for the password once it powers back on. Please unplug the device prior to pressing any keypad buttons. Pressing the Enter button will allow you to view the new firmware version. To access the drive, enter the correct password, select Connect, and plug the device back into the computer.