Technical Support Policies and Procedures


To be eligible to receive support, the customer must be in compliance with Datalocker Software and Hardware license terms and conditions. If applicable, licensed accounts must be active and in good standings. 


For each customer, technical support begins once the product implementation project is complete. Any support issues that occur prior to project completion should be communicated directly to the sales manager, Sales Engineer, or re-seller that is responsible for that customer's account.

All support cases must be submitted through our website, Freshdesk, or by phone call.  All cases should include all required information and sufficient explanation of the problem and any supporting documents. 

Once a support case has been submitted, it will automatically be routed into the ticketing pool inside of Freshdesk. A technical support representative is required to respond within the time frame targeted in the SLA. This time may vary based on time zones. The technical support representative is responsible for assuring accurate solutions and the troubleshooting steps that are provided. The representative is also responsible for the life of the ticket until the issue has been resolved or the ticket is required to be escalated to another individual. The status of the ticket will be updated after every communication with the customer. Detailed notes of the ticket will be input prior to placing the ticket into a closed status.


Depending on the severity of the problem, Datalocker has established service level targets for problem resolution. Due to the complex nature of software development, operating environments, and significant time zone differences, Datalocker cannot guarantee the actual time that it will take to resolve a problem. We make our best reasonable effort to resolve problems as expeditiously as possible.   


Auto-Generated Confirmation of Ticket 

8 Hour Initial Response 

24 Hour Target Resolution Response Time 


Auto-Generated Confirmation of Ticket 

12 Hour Initial Response 

48 Hour Target Resolution Response Time


Auto-Generated Confirmation of Ticket 

24 Hour Initial Response 

72 Hour Target Resolution Response Time


Auto-Generated Confirmation of Ticket 

48 Hour Initial Response 

72 Hour Target Resolution Response Time    


  • Initial Response time is in business hours from receipt of the case 

  • Target Resolution time is in clock hours from receipt of the case


Level 1 - Urgent

A severity one (1) issue is a catastrophic production problem that may severely impact the client’s production systems, or in which the client’s production systems are down or not functioning; loss of data and no procedural workaround exists. 

Level 2 - High

A severity two (2) issue is a problem where the client’s system is functioning but at a severely reduced capacity. The situation is causing a significant impact to portions of the client’s business operations and productivity. The system is exposed to potential loss or interruption of service.

Level 3 - Moderate

A severity level three (3) issue is a medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial non-critical functionality loss. The situation impairs some operations but allows the client to continue to function. This may be a minor issue with the limited loss or no loss of functionality or impact to the client’s operation and issues in which there is an easy circumvention or avoidance by the end-user. This includes documentation errors.  

Level 4- Low

A severity four (4) issue is for general usage or recommendations for a future product or enhancement or modification. The client should first attempt to independently research all questions by reviewing documentation provided by Datalocker. There is no impact on the quality, performance, or functionality of the products. 


As customer problems cases are submitted, they are automatically reviewed by the Tier 1 support technicians. In most cases, the Tier 1 support technician should be able to assist the customer in resolving the issue. Should additional resources and expertise be required, those resources will be consulted as follows:

Tier 1 Assignment - the initially assigned Datalocker support technician that will work with the user to attempt to resolve the problem. 

Tier 2 Assignment - if the Tier 1 support technician determines that additional expertise is required or the support consultant is unable to resolve the problem within the target resolution time, the case will be escalated to Tier 2 resources with specialized expertise to resolve the case.  

Tier 3 Assignment - if the Tier 2 specialist is unable to resolve the problem within a reasonable period of time, the case will be transferred to a senior product development team member for assistance. 


Support is provided from our corporate headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. The standard hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time, excluding holidays.  


Support Services are limited to the diagnosis and correction of errors and bugs of approved Datalocker devices and software. This includes approved Kingston devices, IronKey devices, Datalocker devices, Enterprise Management System, SafeCrypt, SafeConsole, and EncryptDisc.   

Datalocker will have no obligation to provide any support to customers if:

  • The customer is not in full compliance with the terms of the License Agreement

  • The customer's device or software is past the end-of-life date. 

  • Support is not related to a problem, but instead, the customer is requesting consulting, training, or design advice.

  • If not a stand-alone user/device, any party other than the designated systems administrator is requesting assistance.

  • The customer has not installed or used the Software in accordance with the provided instructions.

  • Support directly relates to problems inherent with third-party software licensed from other vendors.  

  • If a support issue with a Kingston device does not relate to Datalocker Management Software.(Enterprise Management System of Safeconsole)