Version 5.2.2 - Released August 30th, 2017


  • Prevent incorrectly deleting devices from SafeConsole.  Devices can no longer be removed from SafeConsole unless it is in “Factory Reset” status. 

  • Added functionality to add bulk SafeConsole Admins using CSV files.  

  • Implemented external logging capability to send server events to external SIEM server. (Currently in Beta with support for Splunk and Graylog) 

  • SAML2 SSO Integration for SafeConsole Admins.  (Currently in Beta with support for OneLogin)

  • New changes to SafeConsole On-Premises Configurator.  (v1.5.1-170724)

    • Added multi-threading to SSL certificate generation process.

    • Configurator tool can now display more AD Security Groups from Directory.

    • User and Role base path for Active Directory connection can now be changed.

    • Fixed testing of non secure SMTP verification connections.

    • Added ability to create firewall rules to Windows Firewall required by SafeConsole service.


  • Fixed device language selection not showing additional languages.

  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.2.1 - Released June 9th, 2017


  • Implemented new DL3/DL3FE password recovery system.

            Requires device firmware v3.10 and device client 4.8.32.

  • New changes to SafeConsole On-Premises Configurator.  (v1.3.0-170609)

    • Fix security Chrome v58 deprecated of Common Name verifications.  This only affects new certificates.  Read more about this issue here.

    • Active Directory/LDAP port can now be specified.

    • MySQL database connection can be configured. (In beta stage, migrating existing data has been implemented yet.)

    • Added support for new server logging system to specify log level.

    • Removed Trusted IP setting since Trusted Network policy replaces this system.


  • Fix legacy device related issues for new installs. 

  • Fixed issues with Admin SMS 2factor login system.

  • Properly handle license installation errors on web console.ixed device audit logs for legacy device clients. (v3.0 - v4.8.0)

  • Misc bug fixes and improvements. 

Version 5.2.0 - Released May 8th, 2017


Simplify SafeConsole menu items and pages. [Learn More]

Implemented new user management system to easily create groups and users. [Learn More]

Added support for McAfee Anti-Malware integration. (Requires client v4.8.30+) [Learn More] 

Added new policy Trusted Network to easily configure which networks your devices can be trusted on. [Learn More]

Policies like Write Protection, Publisher and ZoneBuilder rely on having a Trusted Zone configured for optimal control.     

Improved Geofence policy to correctly deny device usage if rules match. [Learn More]

Added new Geolocation management functions to remove and add new Geolocation data. [Learn More]

Added new feature to device registrations by requiring a unique token per user. (Requires client v4.8.25+.) [Learn More]

Added new feature to Device State Management policy for easy offline use restriction. (Requires client v4.8.25+) [Learn More]

Added ISP Providers as new criterias for Geofencing or building a Trusted Network. [Learn More]

Improve Device Locator map to allow date filtering. [Learn More]

Improve audit log export system for handling large data and custom date range. [Learn More]

    Added new column to display computer user’s name.

Improved New User Import system. [Learn More] 

Now only 2 fields are required to easily import new users into your chosen User Path.


  • Speed improvements for all data loading.

  • Fixed device audit logs for legacy device clients. (v3.0 - v4.8.0)

  • Fixed Configurator SMTP Test email formatting. (On-Premises)

  • Fixed license installation errors not being reported correctly.

  • Filter last seen column.

  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.