Please make sure to allow your DataLocker device in any programs that may block USB removable storage or optical drives. Examples of programs that may block your drive from executing include Microsoft Group Policies or a third-party Anti-Virus program, such as Sophos Endpoint Protection.

To unlock the secure storage partition, the device will need to either write to the optical drive that is mounted or use HID when available. For full compatibility make sure Read and Write permissions are granted to both the removable storage and optical drives. 

Some things to keep in mind when allowing devices:

  • DataLocker drives of the same model but of different sizes will show up as the same device so they will only need to be allowed once. 

  • Enterprise Drives will show up as different devices than Basic Drives.

  • Basic Drives that are upgraded to Enterprise will still show up as Basic Drives.

  • Drives may show up differently on Mac than on Windows

  • Sophos Enterprise Console does not show when an optical drive is read-only. To create an exception, you will first need to create a policy to block all Optical Drives. This will allow you to see the optical drive in the log of devices blocked, allowing you to make an exception. 

For further endpoint control, please look to DataLocker PortBlocker and its resource links below:

Website -

Datasheet -
Admin Guide -