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It is highly recommended that you backup your existing SafeConsole install before performing the upgrade process. 

Please follow the step-by-step process for easy upgrading of SafeConsole 4.9 to 5.1.

1.   Stop SafeConsole Service

2.   Backup the existing SafeConsole folder and note its location.


                Running the SafeConsole 5.1 Installation

 1.   Run the SafeConsole 5.1 installer package.

2.   By default SafeConsole 5.1 will install to a new folder in C:\Program Files(x86)\. If you change the install folder, make sure it is not the same as the old SafeConsole install.

3.   After installation a window will popup asking if you want to migrate from a SafeConsole 4.x. Make sure the Source Folder matches your previous installation folder.


4.   A summary will show you what will be copied over

5.   Continue on with the setup wizard entering your license key and how often you want

SafeConsole to check for updates.

6.   After the wizard is finished installing run the SafeConsole Configurator. At the first screen you may choose to enter the primary Administrator email. This email will be used for the new SafeConsole Administrator profile which features 2- factor authentication and customizable Admin portals.

7.   At that point you may click continue to proceed with the configuration. The old 4.x configurations will be imported. Make sure your settings are correct. After completing the configuration wizard, you will arrive at the new SafeConsole 5.1 interface.