In Windows 10, you may have the problem where your DataLocker disconnects after a certain time.
This guide will show how you to disable the power save feature.

Option1: Run the batch file attached to this article as an administrator. This will disable the power save option for all DL3 and DL3 Fe drives that have been connected to your computer. 

Option2: Follow the steps below for each drive currently plugged into the computer. 

1) Login as a local administrator on your computer. 

2) Plug in your DataLocker device and unlock it. 

3) Open device manager (Click the windows button and type "device manager")

4) Click on the arrow next to Universal Serial Bus controllers

5) Right click on USB Mass Storage Device

6) Click Properties

7) Go to the Power Management tab 

8) Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

9) Click OK


If you are not an administrator you will receive this warning indicating you won't be able to make changes when you open Device Manager. Please contact your administrator for further assistance.