* Please download and install the latest SafeConsole version to be able to use this guide.

** If you reached this page because online activation is not working and you can reach the activation server at wyday.com:443, you may have used all of your available activations.  Please review this article on how to properly deactivate your old installs,  you may also submit a ticket to our support team to deactivate activations on computers you can no longer access.

Open up the License Activation in you SafeConsole Start menu folder


Enter your Product Key


If you have access to the internet, SafeConsole will activate successfully.  

If you are behind a proxy or firewall, you will need to make an exception for the license activation traffic to reach "wyday.com" on port 443.

If you are still unable to activate after adjusting our network settings, you may use the offline activation method.   You should see a link that states, "Generate an offline activation request file."


Email the generated xml file to [email protected] with a subject line of SafeConsole Activation Request. 

Someone from our support team will respond back with an Activation Response File. 

Once you receive your response file, open it with SafeConsole Activation. 

Your SafeConsole will then be activated.