On occasion – for example, after self-destructing your DL3 - you will need to initialize and reformat the drive to make it usable again.





Initialize your Drive


1Touch start screen.

2.Press Yes.3.Press Yes.


4.Press Continue.

5.Press Yes.

6.Hit screen 16 times.


Default password will be 000000 with firmware version less than 2.x and 0000000 for firmware versions 2.x or higher.


You will now have to format your drive. The instructions to format your drive will vary depending on your OS.






1 Right click My Computer and press Manage



2 Then press Disk Management 



3 Right click the unformatted disk and select New Simple Volume



4 Press Next



5 Press Next



6 Pick a letter, and then click Next



7 Rename the volume label, and then press Next



8 Review, and then press Finish



9 The status of your formatted disk should be Healthy (Primary Partition)


10 Your DL3 should now appear under My Computer